Speculation on Lucifer.(EN)

Be careful here. I will write this as if it’s a factual anecdote. But, as always, do not suspend your incredulity. Anything and everything are ALWAYS subject to interpretation and questioning. If claimed otherwise, it’s probably for the purpose of a hidden agenda, excluding this notice.


Mars a planet similar to Earth. During the Big War on Mars, a lot of people migrated to Earth. There (on Earth), they started a new civilisation. But instead of using metals to create the buildings, they used noble materials, like rocks, minerals, wood. They didn’t want to repeat the errors made on Mars. That’s because they had to hide beforehand their former ways to making structures, in an effort to not repeat on Earth what happened on Mars.


Why is there’s rrust sand mostly everywhere on mars ?

That’s because the most advanced civilisation at the time (the one that caused, and is responsible for the Big War) had buildings very similar to ours, made of steel and glass (I suppose it’s glass).


Why is Mars called the God of War, in Roman mythology ?

That’s because of the Big War. Rome inherited from Tartaria’s remnants.


Lucifer, then ?

Lucifer is a Latin word (remember Rome ? Their language was Latin). It means ‘the bringer of light’. My interpretation is that when the Big War had finished, There was so much iron vaporised around the planet, ar at so high temperature, that the iron became a gaz. It was so hot that the planet shined like a star for a lot of time.


Why is Lucifer a fallen angel ?

Because the migrants were called the Luciferians.


I have nothing else to say here.





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