New motivation, arrays.

The current status of the toy language is still pre-05. I got new motivation to work on the language. So its development will continue... Right now, language-implemented functions cannot have named parameters. And user-implemented functions cannot have unnamed parameters. So in this post, I will discuss my motivation to correct that situation. The hash character will be the symbol used by toy to indicate a many-members variable in the context of function-parameters.  Any variable starting with the hash character will be a normal array variable. Arrays will be variable that will save the order of the variables put in (FILO). No variable-target will allowed in an array. So I don't know for now whether a single parameter will be usable for a total call to a function or not.  


Some housekeeping #0

First, I need to correct the cgame class. The cgame class makes it easier to create toy command. But right now its behaviour is not right. Then, I need to implement a dictionary of sort, because the bytecode wasn't well thought out. Bear in mind that the current codebase which will become the toy 0.5 version, is just a prototype. I will reimplement the language for the 1.0 version.


Class and Const

The first task I will do, will be to implement the class object. Then I will implement the const object. A macro is a function (or routine) that can embed other macros. A class will be similar to a macro. The main difference will be that a class is also a container for variables. A class cannot exist on its own. You will have to create a variable of type 'class'. A const object is like a class, but existing on its own. It's different from other languages where a const cannot be modified. The syntax for const/class objects is not yet fully thought out. More to come...


Restarting the Toy language development…

Toy language is presently in a pre 0.5 release state. The 0.5 codebase is an experiment, or prototype. This codebase will serve as an experiment, and to gain experience. The 0.5 codebase will be followed by a 0.75 version. The 1.0 codebase will be a full rewrite of the Toy language.


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